EMX Accessories Infrared Modulated Photocell - IRB-4X

Infrared Modulated Photocell - IRB-4X
Model #: IRB-4X Data Sheet
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The IRB-4X photocell is used as a safety, reversing, or opening device in conjunction with automatic operators. The IRB-4X will work with any control board that accepts dry contact on the input. The easy to install IRB-4X is used with garage doors, rolling doors, parking barriers and other equipment.

Benefits include: * Reliability * Longer range * Improved interference rejection * Precise tuning * No focusing lens Features * Built in noise filter * Power indicator LEDs

* Potentiometer range adjustment allows more precise tuning to site

* Wide 24o transmission angle allows easier alignment and increases reliability

* Through beam design is not affected by shiny surfaces

* Modulated infrared to reduce the effect of sunlight, fog, rain, dust and dirt

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