EMX Loop Detectors Vehicle Loop Detector: Ultra II D-TEK

Vehicle Loop Detector: Ultra II D-TEK
Model #: Utlra II D-TEK
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The Ultra II D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector delivers the features and benefits found in the EMX ULTRA D-TEK to all operator controls that require a dry contact relay input. The Ultra II D-TEK is also designed to plug into the ULTRA II Motherboard.

Sensitivity selection is simplified by the ULTRAMETERâ„¢, which displays the appropriate sensitivity setting to detect the vehicle positioned on the loop.

Ten sensitivity settings enable finer adjustment of the detection level. And the four frequency settings provide greater flexibility in preventing cross talk in multi-loop applications.

Ultra II D-TEK : Vehicle Loop Detector Benefits include: * Compact design * Energy efficient * Easy to install and setup * Reliable * Cost effective Features

* ULTRAMETERâ„¢ (displays optimum sensitivity setting / diagnostic aid)

* Frequency count/reset switch * 10 sensitivity settings * Loop diagnostics * 4 operating frequencies * Lightning and surge protection * Frequency counter * Fail safe Operation * CE compliant
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