FAAC Anti Terrorist J Series Bollards

J Series Bollards
Model #: J 275


The J Series bollard represents a new generation access control solution. Many design innovations

make it easy to handle and install but best of all its

performance is market leading and lifetime costs

exceptionally competitive. Activated by any access

control system or signalling device, it is an alternative

solution to fixed posts and barriers, allowing regulation

of traffic into certain zones with high vehicle flow,

(e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and

industrial sites and many more). Available with a diameter of 11in. (275mm), and a height of 24in. (600mm) or 32in. (800mm).

J 275 Bollard guarantees free pedestrian flow, but manages vehicle traffic or

limited parking, with the following advantages:

. Does not disfigure the characteristics of the environment because of its

mobile concealed element with minimal environmental impact

. Ensures greater protection of pedestrian areas in the town center

. Allows access to authorized vehicles only

. Reduces and optimises the use of human resources in access control activities

. Customizable color selection for blending in with the urban context

. Activity can be signalled by built-in buzzer and led outer ring, according to

its position . A full range of accessories is available . Its function is to deter Truly Innovative and Unique Bollard

The J Series has a number of exceptional features.

The bollard was designed and tested in order to optimise installation, servicing

and maintenance activities whilst maintaining maximum reliability over its lifetime.

. New drive concept-the drive unit is mounted in the moving cylinder

. High resistance steel structure . Fast moving cylinder

. “Fully optional” version including all main accessories

. Lowered maintenance costs, due to one man servicing.

. Flexible control unit that manages up to 4 bollards

. Possible replacement of first generation FAAC city bollards

. Cylindrical shaped metal sheets make up the foundation box, enabling

easy handling

12 Reasons to explain the Uniqueness of J 275 Bollard

. Mobile drive unit, extractable by a handle for ease of replacement or maintenance

. Cylinder slides on double rail to provide better stability in raising and lowering

. No pipes with oil under pressure to avoid risk of failure's risks

. Built-in illuminated outer ring powered by central led and acoustic buzzer

. Built-in emergency release in case of power failure

. Built-in mechanical release to lower the cylinder in any circumstances

. Cylinder available in stainless steel AISI 316 . Internal fixing frames made of stainless steel

. Connectors and junction boxes, with IP 67 certification

. Round-section pit to optimize digging works

. Pit supplied in a kit to minimize transport charges and packaging dimensions

. JE 275 control board able to manage up to four bollards

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