FAAC Slide Gates Commercial Slide Gate Operator

Commercial Slide Gate Operator
Model #: DSL 2000


Operates vehicular gates for high traffic and residential applications

and is ideal for custom homes, apartments, self storage, and other

commercial applications.

. Multi-Function battery backup is a standard feature built-in and offers

main power fail and low battery control of the gate during a power


. The 24VDC direct drive motor to gearbox design offers high power

efficiency while reducing costs and added parts.

. Built in soft start soft stop control offers a smooth, more quiet

operation and is easier on the gate and gate installation.

. Simple to install design offers mulitple prewired terminals, LED

indicators, installation handles, accessory shelves, and is easy to

access and set limits.

. Wireless master slave is simple to install and eliminates the need

for underground wire. Operator Features . Built-in battery backup standard . Soft Start Soft Stop smooth operation

. Heavy duty gearbox and 24VDC motor direct drive design

. Simple, clean design with less moving parts

. Fail safe design with tamper detect feature on DSL2000 slide

gate operator

. Release handle with optional padlock on DSW2000 swing

gate operator

. Zinc galvanized steel frame with handles for easy installation

. DSW2000s claim shell cover can be removed without removing

swing arm

. DSL2000 uses a UV protected polyethelene cover with lift

handle slots . Easy access limits are simple to set . Battery & accessory shelves

. Adjustable chain idlers for front, rear, and post mount slide gates

. Industry standard swing arm for swing gate applications

. Plug-in loop detector inputs: reverse, open, center (shadow)

. (2) AC accessory power plugs . Built-in 3-Button control for easy setup

. Multiple terminal inputs for simple, clean wire installation

. Maglock, solenoid, external alarm outputs . Power fail option can open or cycle gate . Low battery option can open or cycle gate . Anti-Tailgate & Quick Close features standard . Wireless master slave option
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