Ritron Hand-Held Patriot Hand Held

Patriot Hand Held
Model #: SST-144D


Small, Feature Rich, and Rugged-Great for use with on-site repeater systems or portable only systems. A wide range of programmable features makes the D-series radios compatible with virtually any other two-way radio system.

FEATURES: VHF and UHF Models Small, Rugged and Lightweight High Visibility, Easy-To-Read LED Channel Display Up to 10 Channel Capacity Built-In Signaling Channel Scan - Normal and/or Priority NOAA Weather Channel Feature (VHF Only) NOAA Alert Feature (VHF Only)

PC Programmable with optional Windos based software (vs. 9.0)

Narrow or Wide Band Selectable TX only Busy Channel Lock-Out High/Low Power Selectable

2-Tone Decode Paging allows the D-Series radios to function both as a compact two-way radio and a pager. The radio can be programmed to "listen" for specific paging tones and alert the user with a distinct ring as well as a visual indication via the bright LED display

Battery Life up to 11.9 Hours
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